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Import and export of goods for clients through customs and other government agencies. ZLL recognizes clients’
businesses as extensions of ours, and thus vet client’s documentations to ensure goods are cleared compliantly. Our in-depth knowledge of all the rules and regulations that exist in the industry ensures the process of clearance is streamlined. We relieve the stress associated with dealing with other stakeholder e.g. governmental agencies, allowing our client space to focus on managing their businesses. We carefully expedite action in all our activities in order to avoid delays. Delivery speed is an objective we are proud of hence we handle and deliver shipments to our clients within the shortest possible time.

ZLL is poised to take advantage of the revolutionized clearing process to enhance efficiency i.e. timely, authentic and accurate information to the satisfaction of our cherished clients.


We recognize the growing demand for warehousing services in the industry; ZLL will take steps to meet this demand by investing in the business of warehousing. The company will give our client an efficient/cost effective solution. Plans are far advanced in acquiring land at the Free zone enclave in Tema for the construction of a modern warehouse facility. This facility will provide both clients and third-party modern warehousing and distribution services when completed thus greatly providing supply chain solutions for our clients.


ZLL provides services in supply chain management where we seek to maximize customer value and achieve a sustainable competitive advantage. We provide all the logistics services required in the entire logistics chain where we coordinate all activities involved from the points of production through to warehousing and eventual delivery to clients under agreed time-lines. We have modern Information Technology infrastructure with which we keep track of cargo in every stage of the chain to ensure our clients are consistently satisfied.


We oversee the transportation of cargoes to the points of delivery. We can transport your goods to and from any major port, thanks to our relationships with most major shipping lines and consolidators. ZLL adapts the most cost-effective, efficient and fastest way to move your products, whether you require Full Container Load (FCL) or less than container load (LCL) freight services.


ZLL provide transit services to clients in landlocked countries where we move cargo cleared at any of our seaports across international borders for safe delivery to international destinations. With transshipment, we arrange the transfer of cargo from one vessel to another. ZLL undertakes operations mindful of the fact that the safety of the cargo is our topmost concern. As a result, best industry practices associated with safe handling of cargo is implemented.